Optical Proximity Detector 905nm

Optical proximity detector.
905nm, eye safe, laser range fined

Manufacturer part number: OPD-905-20-1000

OPD is high measurement rate single-pulse laser range finder. The OPD generates 10ns optical pulses and measures time between emitting a pulse and detection of the reflected signal. Short rise time and wide receiver’s bandwidth allow getting accuracy of 5-10 cm. The built-in range detection algorithm generates trigger signal when the measured range drops below predefined threshold.

Product is field-tested , military grade  / rugged. Used for military / defense applications.


  • Optical proximity detector for UAV
  • Fast response proximity detector for a self-driving vehicle


  • MIL-461G
  • MIL-1275, with external protection circuit
  • MIL-704
  • MIL-810
  • MIL-217F


  • Eye safe, low radiated power
  • Up to 3000 measurements per second
  • 5 cm typical accuracy
  • Low consumption power
  • SW configurable
  • Wide operating temperature range, -40⁰C to +65⁰C

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit
Input VoltageVin-0.316Vdc
RS232 RX, TX Lines232-1616Vdc
nFIRE line-0.320Vdc
Operating Ambient TemperatureTa-4065⁰C
Storage TemperatureTstg-5585⁰C
Operating AltitudeHop-50015000m

Unless otherwise indicated, specifications apply over all operating input voltage, resistive load, and temperature conditions.

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Input Power
Input VoltageVin11.51212.5Vdc
Maximum Input Current,

@Vin = 10V
Measured range and accuracy
Trigger rangeTr0.515m
Optical characteristics
Laser peak powerP10W
Output beam diameterd9mm
Beam divergenceθ0.25×5mrad
Optical-mechanical axis non-alignmentα-3+3mrad
Signal Interface
Trigger output sink current50ma
Maximum trigger delay18ms
RS232 voltage level232-6+6V
Safety Class 1, Eye safe laser


Electrical Interface:

  • Connector: Samtec TFM-105-02-S-D-WT
  • Pin1 – Trigger open drain output
  • Pin2, Pin4, Pin6, Pin8 – GND
  • Pin3 – RS232 TX output
  • Pin5 – RS232 RX input
  • Pin7, Pin9 – Input voltage 12V
  • Pin10 – “Programming”, leave mot connected for normal operation

Mechanical specification

  • Dimensions 55x27x42 mm (HxDxW)
  • Weight 42g
  • Interface M2.5×0.45 x 2
Optical Proximity Detector 905nm
Optical Proximity Detector 905nm


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